Serveur Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis 8721 - 8721A1G

IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis with 2x2500W PSU

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- Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis 8721
- Montable sur rack
- 10U

IBM Flex System™, a new category of computing and the next generation of Smarter Computing, is anchored by the IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis. This platform offers intelligent workload deployment and management for maximum business agility. This chassis delivers high-speed performance complete with integrated servers, storage, and networking for multiple chassis management in data center compute environments. Furthermore, its flexible design can meet the needs of varying workloads with independently scalable IT resource pools for higher utilization and lower cost per workload. While increased security and resiliency protect vital information and promote maximum uptime, the integrated, easy-to-use management system reduces setup time and complexity, providing a quicker path to return on investment.

The IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis is a simple, integrated infrastructure platform that supports a mix of compute, storage, and networking resources to meet the demands of your applications. The solution is easily scalable with the addition of another chassis with the required nodes. With the IBM Flex System Manager, multiple chassis can be monitored from a single screen. The 14 node, 10U chassis delivers high-speed performance complete with integrated servers, storage, and networking. This flexible chassis is designed for a simple deployment now and to scale to meet your needs in the future.

Flexibility and efficiency

The 14 bays in the chassis allow the installation of compute or management nodes, with networking modules in the rear. A single chassis or a group of chassis can be fully customized to the specific needs of the computing environment. With support for POWER7® and Intel processor-based nodes, you can choose the architecture you need. IT can meet the needs of the business using a single system across multiple architectures and operating environments.

The system monitors and manages power usage on all major chassis components so you have total control over power consumption. The chassis supports N+N or N+1 redundant power supplies, configurable in either a single or three-phase power domain and an entirely passive mid-plane to meet your reliability needs. The power supplies are 80 PLUS Platinum-certified indicating high energy efficiency. The chassis design also optimizes cooling with cooling zones within the chassis. The system manages the fan modules based on node configuration within the chassis. So, the system can increase the speed of certain fan modules to cool potential hot spots, and use lower speeds for other fan modules where appropriate.

Easily scalable with simple administration

Because the IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis is an all-in-one solution, it is designed for growth from a single chassis to many. Adding compute, storage, or networking capability is as simple as adding additional nodes, modules, or chassis. The simple, highly integrated management system allows you to use the Chassis Management Modules integrated into each chassis to administer a single chassis, or IBM Flex System Manager controls up to four chassis from a single panel.

Designed for multiple generations of technology

The IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis is designed to be the foundation of your IT infrastructure now and into the future. Compute performance requirements are always on the rise and networking demands continue to grow with rising bandwidth needs and a shrinking tolerance for latency. The chassis is designed to scale to meet the needs of your future workloads, offering the flexibility to support current and future innovations in compute, storage, and networking technology.
Alimentation redondante Oui
Capacité d'alimentation (d'une unité simple) 2500 Watt
Certification 80 PLUS 80 PLUS Platinum
Nombre installé 2
Nombre max. pris en charge 6
Périphérique d'alimentation Alimentation électrique
Plan d'action pour système d'alimentation redondante 1+1, N+1 (avec source d'alimentation en option), N+N (avec source d'alimentation en option)
Tension requise CA 230V (50/60 Hz)
Caractéristiques d’environnement
Taux d'humidité en fonctionnement 8 - 85%
Température maximale de fonctionnement 40 °C
Température minimale de fonctionnement 5 °C
Dimensions et poids
Hauteur 44 cm
Largeur 44.7 cm
Poids 96.62 kg
Profondeur 80 cm
Accessoires inclus Kit de montage pour rack, 4 panneaux de remplissage
Normes de conformité UL, TUV GS, VCCI, CISPR 22 classe A, BSMI CNS 13438 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, NOM, EN 61000-3-3, EN55024, EN 55022 classe A, CB, CCC, IEC 60950-1, FCC Part 15 A, BSMI CNS 14336, GB 4943, ICES-004, GB 17625.1, GB 9254 Class A
Interfaces 2 x USB ¦ 1 x série
Garantie du fabricant
Service et maintenance Garantie limitée - pièces et main d'oeuvre - 3 ans - sur site
Appareils intégrés CMM (Chassis Management Module)
Format Rack-montable - 10U
Système de refroidissement 80 mm ventilateur x 4 ¦ 40 mm ventilateur x 2

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